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General Questions About Android Love Dolls

What is an Android Love Doll?

An Android Love Doll is the next generation of silicone sex dolls. These ultra realistic dolls can move just like a real girl or guy moves during sex. This human like movements are possible thanks to a 32 Degrees of freedom skeleton inside the silicone love doll.

How does the Android Love Doll moves during sex?

Our Android Love Dolls can perform over 50 automated sexual positions with just a typed or spoken command. These sexual poses and orgasmic body movements are taught to the robotic doll by our professional performers. There are four general positions: blow job, lay down, sitting, and stand poses.

Do the Android Love Dolls talk?

Yes. These Android Love Dolls have an advanced Artificial Intelligence software for communication. During sex the doll moan in pleasure depending on the speed and depth of penetration. Also the sex dolls give you instructions on how to safely proceed and position yourself when changing to a new sexual pose.

Can these Android Love Dolls walk?

Not yet. These robotic sex dolls can walk with another special hardware still in development [exoskeleton robotic legs:)]. For now these dolls can only self positioned into the desired sexual pose and then mimic a real girl or guy sexual body movements according to that pose.

How do I control and give commands to the doll?

These Android Love Dolls are controlled over Wi-Fi. The only thing you need to control these sex dolls is a tablet or pc in your house connected to your wi-fi setup. To give commands to the robotic doll just open the android love doll program from your device and type or say the letter associated to the desired sexual pose and the love doll will comply.

How to power up and charge my Android Love Doll?

On the back of the doll just below the right shoulder you will see an LED button press it down and the button will turn red meaning the doll is powered up and ready to go. At the left side of the button you will see a little screen with a power bar going from green to red that is your battery charge level. Green full bar means your battery is fully charged, yellow middle bar means your battery has less than an hour of operation, red small bar means you need to power down the robotic doll and charge it right away. To charge the Android Love Doll power down the doll first then attach the included charging cable to the oppening below the power button and plug the charging cable to a power wall. Warning: When powering down the doll hold its back and sit the doll in a chair because all the servos will stop simultaneously and the Android Doll will fall.

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